Want to see more. Reminds me of Henri Cartier Bresson. Snippets of life. Love them.
Pamela Logan(non-registered)
Thanks for the tip John.. Great site!
James Lanigan Thompson
Today, I registered onto your site and did not expect much considering I have been let down many times in the past by facile artists looking for the fast lane to fame. However, this was a different experience entirely. Your photographers eye is spiritual. The manner in which you handle light and your subjects are well considered in every step of the development process. I intend to return often, Thank You, James Lanigan Thompson. The music was such a bonus - loved it. Please indicate somewhere the source of that background sound track.
James Lanigan Thompson(non-registered)
Splendid ~ your a class act, Sir John!
Cathy Raphael(non-registered)
John, very inspirational....poetic. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing these images....I want to see more.
arlene sandner(non-registered)
Fabulous work, John!
Craig Scott(non-registered)
Hi John, great photos! Interesting compositions and subjects. Thanks!
Betty Forkin(non-registered)
Thanks so much for sharing...once again, amazing photos! Hope you can join the group next year.
Conor C(non-registered)
Hi John, we met today(PFT), your images are stunning and thought provoking. I can see the passion.
James Lanigan Thompson(non-registered)
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